“One Person-One Flower” Scheme – Distribution of Seedlings 「一人一花」計劃 – 花卉領取日

Date : 2015-12-02 To 03
Location : School Lobby
Responsible Person : Jointly organized by Environmental Education Team and CYC
Activity Category : School activities
To promote a green culture among students and cultivate their interest in growing plants, the Environmental Education Team and CYC launched the “One Person-One Flower” Scheme. With the help of Gardening Team members, one hundred seedlings of the Periwinkle species were successfully transplanted into small pots. Distribution of seedlings took place in the School Lobby during lunchtime from the 2-3 December. Each student could take one pot home for free. Students actively participated by choosing their favorite pots and asking questions about horticulture. Nearly 80 pots were given away. Recipients are excitedly anticipating the seedlings growing into mature plants in the coming months.
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