The 3rd School Assembly - Sharing of Knowledge and the Glory of Success in October 2014 十月份頒獎禮及師生分享

Date : 2014-10-21 (Tuesday)
Location : Hall
Responsible Person : Award Presentation Co-ordination Team
Activity Category : School activities
The 3rd school assembly was held on 21 October 2014. We joyfully shared in the achievements and the glow of success achieved by students and the school. In the prize presentation, 2 student awards and 3 school awards were presented. A total of 5 awardees were commended. We once again congratulate them on their achievements and thank them for bringing honour to the school. In the student presentation session, 8 students gave presentations on various topics/activities, and shared inspiring messages with us. The presentations were all well received. Students and teachers enjoyed the session and gained valuable insights into various aspects of student activities.
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