TWGSS Careers Expo 2014 荃官職業博覽2014 - Sharing from Alumni 校友分享

Date : 2014-11-15 (Saturday)
Location : Hall and Classrooms
Responsible Person : Careers Unit
Activity Category : School activities
The Careers Expo provided our S3 to S6 students with information about the professions they were interested in. In view of parents’ concern about their children’s future career paths, their parents were also invited.

The Careers Expo started with an inspiring speech on career planning given by the Guest of Honour, Professor AU Terry Kit-fong, a member of Class 1976.  Afterwards, Mr. KWOK Ming-cheung, an alumnus from Class 1966, also addressed the audience and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams.  Along with Professor AU and Mr. KWOK, 41alumni working in different professions including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, surveying, property management, engineering, journalism, civil service, marketing, finance, investment banking, accounting, law, education, translation, journalism, social work, information technology and flight services were invited to share their work experience with our students and the participating parents, who attended three sharing sessions on the professions they were most interested in. The sharing sessions were well received and our students gained insight into different professions and practical tips on how to prepare themselves for career challenges.

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