P6 Talk & Open Day for Primary Students and Teachers - S1 Admission Talk for Parents 升中學生家長座談會暨開放日 - 中一入學簡介家長座談會

Date : 2014-12-13 (Saturday)
Location : Hall
Responsible Person : P6 Talk & Open Day for Primary Students & Parents Team
Activity Category : School activities
On 13 December, 2014, over 1100 primary students and parents visited our school. Principal WONG Ip-cheung, Daniel shared his educational philosophy and vision with the participants. His introduction of the school curriculum, the campus and the facilities of the school interested the audience. The comprehensive Question-and-Answer Sessions and the queue of parents lining up to request application details for our school proved that the parents and the primary pupils were desperately looking for the most ideal school here at TWGSS. What is more, the performance of the outstanding classes in TWGSS’ Got Talent, the musical performance of our Chinese Orchestra, and the Chinese Dance all impressed the audience. The stall games conducted by various clubs and departments, and also the science experiments, gave all of our guests an enjoyable morning.
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