Seoul International Invention Fair 2014 首爾國際發明展2014

Date : 2014-11-27 To 12-01
Location : COEX, Seoul, Korea
Responsible Person : Korean Intellectual Property Office, Korea Invention Promotion Association
Activity Category : School activities
LAU Chun-hei (5E) and LAU Ching-hei (2D) participated in the Seoul International Invention Fair 2014 in COEX, Seoul, Korea from 27 November to 1 December 2014. In all, there were exhibition teams from 44 countries and cities. Chun-hei and Ching-hei were the representatives from our school showing their inventions and ideas at the fair. More than 700 inventions were exhibited. Chun-hei’s invention ‘Safety Door Way’ got the Gold Prize, the Egypt Special Award, the Thailand Award for Best International Invention and the Korea Special Award (KIA), while Ching-hei’s work ‘Easy Lock With Fun’ won the Bronze Prize, the Poland Special Award, the Taiwan Special Award and the Korea Special Award (AIA). Congratulations!
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