A Stage for You and Me III 飛躍舞台計劃

Date : 2015-03-19 (Thursday)
Location : Basketball Court
Responsible Person : Students’ Association and ECA Coordination Team
Activity Category : School activities
“A Stage For You and Me”, a platform for all students to showcase their talents outside the academic field, is staged again. On 19 March 2015, the school P.E. Department brought a exciting atmosphere to the third round of “A Stage for You and Me”. The 10 exchange students from Queen Elizabeth School also joined us to experience the unique culture. After that, rope skippers took the stage and gave a very entertaining rope skipping performances. Next, a group of students demonstrated the great power of Taekwondo. To wrap up the whole event, a student performed rhythmic gymnastics right before our eyes. Giving all students an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon.
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