2nd Staff Development Day - Analysis of TWGSS Stock-taking Exercise 第二次教師專業發展日 - 荃官情勢檢討問卷調查結果分析

Date : 2015-03-06 (Friday)
Location : School Hall and SAC
Responsible Person : Staff Development Committee
Activity Category : School activities
57 teachers and 7 teaching assistants participated in the Joint-school Staff Development Day. During the first session, teachers in-charge of the WebSAMS Team demonstrated how to retrieve useful data from WebSAMS to facilitate teaching and learning. Teachers practised in small groups with iPads or notebooks.


During the second session, Mr. HON Hau-sut and Mr. Anthony LI from the QSIP Team gave an evaluation on the “TWGSS Stock-taking Exercise”. The analysis of factors influencing learning effectiveness, the relationship between teachers and students and students’ learning style were explained in detail.  During the third session, teachers participated in group discussions and sharing.  They carried out school-based self-evaluation through conducting SWOT Analysis and KISS Analysis on various aspects of the school.  They also made suggestions for the Triennial School Developmental Plan 2015-18.  In the afternoon session, Ms. LAM Pui-yee, the LS Panel Head of Elegantia College (Sponsored by Education Convergence), who was awarded the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (LS) 2013-14, gave a thematic talk on “What makes a Good Lesson”.  

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