Third Staff Development Day – Sports Games 第三次教師專業發展日 –體育活動

Date : 2015-06-05 (Friday)
Location : School SAC, Playground and Magic Fun Bowling World
Responsible Person : Staff Development Committee
Activity Category : School activities
56 teachers and 5 teaching assistants attended the 3rd Staff Development Day. During the first session, teacher i/c of School Major Concerns presented the Progress Report and evaluated the effectiveness of the measures implemented to address them based on the statistical data collected.

During the second session, the Triennial School Development Plan (2015-2018) and the Annual School Plan (2015-2016) were discussed.  Teachers had group discussions and expressed their ideas to fine-tune the plans.  They pointed out possible ways to ensure continuous improvement in teaching, and fostering students’ whole person development.

Recreational activities were arranged for the third session in the afternoon to foster harmonious staff relationships. Team-building games and different kinds of sports contests were held.

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