Students’ Association Voting Day 2015-16 2015-16年度學生會選舉投票日

Date : 2015-09-15 (Tuesday)
Location : Covered Playground
Responsible Person : Students’ Association
Activity Category : School activities
The Students' Association Election 2015-16 Voting Day was held on 15 September 2015. All students from S1 to S6 were eligible to cast a vote. “Escalier” obtained 567 votes while “Restenia” obtained 218 votes but, as it was subject to a 20% ballot penalty deduction, “Restenia” was eventually credited with 174 votes. The Voting Rate of this Election was 97.7%. “Escalier” was elected as the Students' Association cabinet for 2015-16, and will be leading the Association in serving, communicating with and supporting the student body at TWGSS this year. This “One Student One Vote” election realized the dream of all democratic societies. Let’s pursue our dreams together with this newly elected team —“Escalier”!
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