Emerald 55th Anniversary Gala Dinner 荃官55周年校慶晚宴 - Activity Snapshots (4) 活動花絮(4)

Date : 2016-04-23 (Saturday)
Location : L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre
Responsible Person : Gala Dinner Organising Committee
Activity Category : School activities
The Gala Dinner was held on 23 April 2016 at L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre. The 86-table banquet began with a cocktail reception at 5:30pm and the feast began at 7:30pm. The order of the programme was: the Official March, the Cupcake Ceremony, the School Song, the Toasting Session and Welcome Speeches by Ms CHING Suk-yee, (SMC Chairlady) and Mr WONG Ip-cheung, Daniel. The dinner was not only a chance for alumni and teachers to chat with each other, but also a time to recall the old days at TWGSS, through the music video titled 《心繫荃官昔日情2016》and to take photos with old friends and teachers.
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