2015-16 English Speaking Day 2 2015-16 英語日 (2)

Date : 2016-05-13 (Friday)
Activity Category : School activities
The 2015-16 English Speaking Day 2, organized by the Enhancing English Environment Team (EEE Team), was held on the 12 and 13 May, 2016. The theme of English Speaking Day 2 this time was “Gratitude”. The response of student participants was enthusiastic and the activity proved a success. In the chatting activity, students were asked to reflect on the good things they do for others and how others have helped them. It was good to see that most students participated actively in the event and it is certain that they learned not only how to speak English better, but also to be grateful in everyday life through their chats with schoolmates and teachers. Game stalls and a sing-along session were held during the second recess and lunchtime. Students were seen to actively participate in both events. Many of them won lots of prizes from our game stalls while others enjoyed their lunchtime listening to English songs performed by our senior for students. Besides notebooks, small gifts of candy treats were offered for prize redemption this time. Overall students gave positive feedback to the event as they found it meaningful and enjoyable.
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