Prefects’ Orientation Day 領袖生迎新日

Date : 2016-08-30 (Tuesday)
Location : SAC
Responsible Person : Discipline Team
Activity Category : School activities
Prefects’ Orientation Day is aimed at increasing Prefects’ understanding of various duties and allows them to communicate with their groupmates in order to strengthen efficiency, teamwork and spirit. The activity began with welcome speeches from Principal Tang, the Assistant Principals and the Discipline Team teachers. Afterwards, the Head prefects introduced the duties, goals and major changes for the coming year to assist new Prefects in starting their work. This was followed by an ice-breaking game requiring them to memorize their groupmates’ names, which helped them to know more about each other and facilitated communication. The Mass game involved different checkpoints, where prefects had to show their unity and teamwork to complete the missions. All the prefects enthusiastically participated in the activities, which we believe was a good start for the Prefect Board this year.
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