Inter-house Music Competition

Date : 2016-12-22 (Thursday)
Location : Hall
Responsible Person : Music Club
Activity Category : School activities
The Inter-house Music Competition, which was organized by the Music Club, was successfully held on 22 December 2016. TWGSS alumni MS Shirley Whing Chow (1986) (Pine House) and Miss Yentl Chan (1992) (Pine House) kindly acted as adjudicators. In total, there were seven categories in which students competed, namely Instrumental Class, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet, Chinese Folk, Western Folk, Hit Song and House Choir. After the competition, the One Minute Challenge (決戰一分鐘), organized by the SA, was held. Then, Miss Yentl Chan (1992) & Grace Leung (2016) performed a vocal piece with piano (浮沙) composed by Miss Yentl Chan. All the participants performed well and the audience enjoyed the competition very much. Congratulations to Plum House which won the overall championship.
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