Mainland Exchange Programme for Senior Secondary School Students: The Tour of Geology and Environmental Conservation in Zhangjiajie and Changsha of Hunan Province

Date : 2017-04-20 To 24
Location : Henan, China
Responsible Person : National Education Team
Activity Category : School activities
80 S4-S5 students and 8 teachers participated in a 5-day exchange programme. Students studied the geology, culture and environmental conservation practices of Zhangjiajie and Changsha in Henan Province. During the 5-day trip, a number of places were visited, including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (張家界國家森林公園), Yuanjiajie Scenice Zone (袁家界風景區), Golden Whip Brook (金鞭溪) and Tianzi Mountain (天子山). The students all found the scenery breathtaking. The students then visited Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd (中聯重科股份有限公司) to learn more about the most recent industrial development and environmental protection practices in the area. The students also visited a university and a secondary school in Zhengzhou, namely Lushan Bin Jiang Experimental School (麓山濱江實驗中學) and Central South University of Forestry (中南林業科技大學). These schools arranged gymnastic performances, campus tours and sharing sessions for our students, through which the participants learned more about the school life, education and culture.
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