Third Staff Development Day

Date : 2017-06-09 (Friday)
Location : School Hall and Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T.
Responsible Person : Staff Development Committee
Activity Category : School activities
Aiming at strengthening the development of the school and enhancing the cohesion of teaching staff, the Third Staff Development Day first took place in the school hall with our guest speakers Mr HON Hau-sut, Ms SUNG Hoi-yan and Ms CHAN Chor-yuet from the QSIP Team, conducting a thematic talk on “Using DSE data to facilitate learning and teaching”. Ms Sung inspired us on how to use the analysis of DSE assessment data to implement assessment for learning. The talk helped teachers further improve the quality of assessing test and exam results in order to transcend learning and teaching. Then the sharing session on “Catering for Learner Diversity through developing students’ self-regulated learning skills” was held to disseminate the outcomes of the school-based support service our school joined this year. The core team members, Ms LEUNG Hiu-muk, Mr CHOW Chi-fai and Ms TUNG Man-shan shared their experiences in school-based curriculum development and the materials and resources they developed. Ms Helen HUNG and Ms MA from the School-based Curriculum Development (Secondary) Section also shared their ideas on the ways to enhance students’ learning motivation and catering for learning diversity. After lunch, teachers moved on to join the recreational activities hosted by Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T. Different games and sports were played and all participants were enthusiastic and active.
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