Orientation Talk for S1 Parents and Students (2017)

Date : 2017-08-26 (Saturday)
Activity Category : School activities
The objective of the Orientation Talk is to let parents and students understand our school in detail. The talk was held in the school hall. In the first part of the talk, our Principal Ms Tang Suk Ching gave an opening speech and shared her teaching experience with the participants. Next, our Vice Principal Mrs Tam Woo Kit Ching talked about the scope of learning and the mode of assessment. Besides, the Discipline Mistress Ms Chan Wai Yin told students and parents about the organization and work of the discipline team. In the second part, our counseling teachers Mr. Leong Wa Son, Ms Lam Wing Yee and the school social worker Ms Cheng Kiu Li introduced the major tasks of the counseling team. In addition, Mr. Lee Hon Bon, the ECA Master, presented some information about the extra-curricular activities offered by the school, and Mr. Lee Tak Cheong briefed the participants on the use of the e-class parent app. Finally, there was a face-to-face meeting between class teachers and parents for the former to address the latter’s concerns.
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