TWGSS Careers Expo 2017

Date : 2017-11-04 (Saturday)
Activity Category : School activities
TWGSS Careers Expo 2017 started with an inspiring speech on career planning given by the Guest of Honour, Mr LEUNG Wing-mo, an alumnus of TWGSS. Afterwards, Mr KWOK Ming-cheung, an alumnus from Class 1966, also addressed the audience and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams. In the Mentorship session that followed, 36 alumni volunteer mentors held a meeting with their charges, S4 to S6 students. After the Mentorship session, there were two Alumni Sharing sessions, during which 46 alumni from different professions (including medicine, dentistry, nursing, radiography, pharmacy, Chinese medicine, surveying, property management, civil service, advertising, marketing, public relations, finance, human resources management, banking, accounting, law, education, information technology, engineering, film and TV production, journalism, social work, environmental protection, aviation and catering), shared their experiences of work with S4 to S6 students. The sharing sessions were well-received and our students got an inside look at the professions they are interested in, as well as practical tips on how to prepare themselves for future career challenges.
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