English Week

Date : 2018-05-14 To 18
Activity Category : School activities
English Week kicks off on 14 May, lasting for a whole week. Apart from TWGSS’ Got Talent, many novel English activities were introduced this year. The whole-school speaking activity TWGSS 007 Mission required students to solve a series of puzzles by participating in lunchtime English game booths designed and run by the English Society and our senior form students. The 20 best-performing students were selected to compete in a tournament, in which two games “Detective Storytelling Music Chair” and “English Ping Pong” were hosted by Mr YIP Wai-kit and Mrs DAMI to decide who the top three TWGSS English secret agents were. In addition, two student-led workshops “Rap and Hip KOL Workshop” and “Master Chef Workshop” were conducted in English by two teams of S3 and S5 students respectively to teach their schoolmates the skills they were proud of. Amongst all the excitement and joy, there were four teams of 17 student buskers performing English popular songs on campus to heighten the festive atmosphere throughout the Week. Results: The results of the TWGSS KOL Workshops Competition are as follows: Rap and Hip Hop KOL Team scores 1880 marks. Master Chef KOL Team scores 3080. The winner is Master Chef KOL Team. The best-performing students in the TWGSS 007 Speaking Mission and Tournament are: Second runner-up: 3A Sabrina Chan First runner-up: 2A Trish Lau The Champion is 3A Angus Lee
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