Joint School Exhibition 2018

Date : 2018-09-21 To 10-22
Location : Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Responsible Person : 荃灣區議會社會服務及社區宣傳委員會社區綜合服務工作小組 荃灣區家長教師會聯會有限公司 荃灣葵涌及青衣區中學校長會 家庭與學校合作事宜委員會
Activity Category : School activities
A two-day exhibition organized by the Tsuen Wan District Council was held in Tsuen Wan Town Hall during 21-22 September. The objective of the exhibition was to introduce our school in detail. For those who were interested in our school, they could obtain information such as the application for S1 Discretionary Places, the scope of learning and the mode of assessment. Peer counsellors of TWGSS were helpers and representatives of our school. Interested primary school students and parents came to the exhibition hall and looked for information of various secondary schools. Our school teachers and student ambassadors were there to answer questions and provided the information for parents and students.
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