CUHK Health Exhibition 2018 - Hong Kong Secondary School Health Exhibition Presentation Competition

Date : 2018-12-06 (Thursday)
Activity Category : School activities
The competition was aimed to heighten public awareness and knowledge of different health issues. The theme of this year was cardiovascular diseases. Six S6 students formed a team and selected ‘Cholesterol - Friend or Foe’ as their research topic. Through the competition in the Screening Round and the Preliminary Round, the school team had been selected as one of the 8 finalists in the Grand Final Round. In the Grand Final, all finalists had the opportunities to present their research findings to the general public in a shopping mall. With our efforts and excellent performance, our team was so honored to win the Championship. The adjudicator, Dr. Randolph WONG commented, ‘TWGSS team successfully presented the complicated information to the citizens in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive and interesting way. They successfully made the public understand more health knowledge.’ Congratulations.
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