S2 Service learning

Date : 2018-12-13 (Thursday)
Activity Category : School activities
With the aim to broaden the life experience of S2 students and cultivate students' spirit of caring for the community and serving the community, our school arranged S2 students to participate in service learning activities. S2A students visited the tenants of subdivided flats and had a deeper understanding and experience of the crowded living conditions faced by Hong Kong people today. S2B students visited the Elderly Centre to learn about organizing activities to bring care and laughter to the elderly, and S2C students provided health checks and promoted health information to the people living in Tsuen Wan district, whereas S2D students were given the chance to visit a local environmental protection agency and strengthened their attention to the importance of environmental protection. Through organising these activities, students enhanced their generic skills, such as collaboration and problem-solving skills, and developed their leadership. These activities also helped to inculcate in our students the virtues of respecting and caring for others and enabled them to have a better understanding of different people and issues in the society, so as to reflect on their own lives and enhance their sense of social touch. They treasured these opportunities and participated actively in the activities.
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