Moral & Civic Education Activity Week

Date : 2020-10-12 To 20
Activity Category : School activities

With the aims of deepening students' understanding of positive values, cultivating a sense of mutual respect as well as to enhance the atmosphere of the Caring Culture on the school campus, the Student Whole-Person Development Committee, the Discipline team, the Counselling team, the Moral and Life Education team, and the National and Civic Education team had jointly arranged a "Moral and Civic Education Activity Week" for students from 12-20 October.

The theme of the Activity Week was "Respect" and "Inclusiveness" and a wide range of diversified learning activities were organised to promote this theme. These included an Inter-class Board Display Competition which all classes took part in. Students were free to use photos, pictures, cartoons or slogans to convey the theme, more than 20 display boards were placed at the covered playground to introduce the theme contents to deepen students' understanding of the relevant values.

During the Activity Week, the junior form students were led to the covered playground to read the information conveyed on the display boards. They could scan the QR code with their mobile phone or tablet, log in to their personal account to complete the questions related to the contents of the display boards. Students who achieved high scores were awarded prizes, whereas those who love reading could also read books that were related to positive values or watch theme-based short videos that were produced by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education. School Social Workers also arranged a talk with the title "Walk with You" to deepen S1 students' understanding of these values.

In addition to these, interactive stall games designed by the Discipline team and the Counselling team were available during recess times and students who enjoy playing games needed to answer questions related to the theme, after answering the questions, they were invited to play jigsaw puzzles, throw rubber rings, or play pitching to get prizes. These activities fostered students' engagement and created a lively and joyous atmosphere in our school campus.

The Student Associations' Teachers' Day activities were also in line with the theme of Activity Week to promote the relationship between teachers and students. Teachers and students are sincere and show "respect" and "inclusiveness" in their daily communication. Through a range of careful arrangements of the functional teams, students enjoyed the learning activities and had a better understanding of the relevant values.


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