Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure–Amazon 仁愛堂極地之旅 - 亞馬遜

Date : 2014-07-27 To 08-03
Location : TWGSS, Hong Kong, Amazon Rainforest
Responsible Person : Yan Oi Tong, Environmental Education Team
Activity Category : School activities
In April 2014 Li Man Ling of 4D (now 5D) joined the“Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure–Amazon”Programme (仁愛堂極地之旅 - 亞馬遜) organized by Yan Oi Tong. In order to be considered as a candidate for an adventure trip to the Amazon Rainforest, in May she designed a programme to promote the notion of biodiversity among schoolmates and the general public. She performed exceedingly well in her promotional campaign. Her passion, courage and leadership in organizing the campaign were recognized by the activity organizer and she was eventually selected as one of the 20 students in Hong Kong to go on the 10-day trip to the Amazon Rainforest. After receiving further training in July, she traveled to South America from July 27th to August 3rd 2014. In the school assembly on September 1st 2014, she expressed thanks and gratitude to those schoolmates and teachers who helped her to accomplish her Amazon Dream.
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