Joint Talk for Building Safety Pioneer Programme 「建築專業人士知多d」講座

Date : 2014-09-20 (Saturday)
Location : The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Surveyors Learning Centre
Responsible Person : Careers Unit
Activity Category : School activities
Five S5 students in our school joined the Building Safety Pioneers programme in July 2014 and were invited to attend a talk jointly given by the Hong Kong Institute of Architecture, the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors to further their knowledge of the building and construction industry in Hong Kong. An architect, an engineer and a surveyor each explained the requirements and prospects of their respective careers. The enthusiastic participation of the Pioneers during the quiz session let them interact with the guest speakers, demonstrate their vast knowledge about the industry and the safety of buildings, as well as express their creativity and innovation.
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