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TWGSS Alumni Sports Day 2019-202019-10-20 (Sunday)The Alumni Association Sports Day (Final) was held on 20 October 2019 (Sun) 8 a.m. at TWGSS. Alumni Sports Day began in 2007, and TWGSSAA organized this event to maintain friendships among alumni. After Heat event on 29 September 2019, 6 teams were promoted into the Final event. All of the teams enjoyed the competition, Team 1994 and Team 2012 won the championship in advanced group and open group respectively.
Anti-bullying Drama2019-10-18 (Friday)In order to promote a caring culture and harmonious atmosphere at school, a drama about anti-bullying was held on 18 October, 2019, at the school hall during the 7th and class periods. The students enjoyed the show and anti-bullying was promoted.
School Assembly - Sharing of Knowledge and the Glory of Success in October2019-10-15 (Tuesday)The school assembly was held on 15 October 2019. We happily shared the achievements and successes of the students and the school. Student awards were presented and numerous students were commended. We once again congratulated them on their achievements and thanked them for bringing honour to the school. Four functional teams gave presentations on different topics/activities, and shared inspiring messages with us. The presentations were all well-received. Students and teachers enjoyed the session and gained valuable insight into various aspects of student activities.
S6 Power Up Day2019-10-11 (Friday)To relieve S6 students’ stress due to the public examination, the Student Whole-person Development Committee organized S6 Power Up Day on 11 October 2019 (Friday) during the class periods. Bookmarks (衘守型書簽), on which encouraging words were written by the Principal and teachers to S6 students, were tailor made. Together with the bookmarks, handmade biscuits prepared by teachers were given to each student who showed heartfelt thanks for their caring teachers. Other stress relief activities such as a talk presented by an educational psychologist, a Love Letter to Myself, and Letting Balloons Go were organized. Students also participated in recreational activities like a Zentangle workshop, playing Switch, ball games, taking instant photos and eating free ice-cream. It was a refreshing day for S6 students to acquire stress management techniques, relax and unwind.
PTA 25th Annual General Meeting2019-10-11 (Friday)The PTA AGM was held on 11-10-2019. That evening, parents and teachers discussed and communicated with each other about their children's performance in school. After the meet-up session, the PTA AGM started. In the AGM, the Chairlady, Ms LEUNG Ka-man, delivered the 24th PTA annual report and the 24th PTA financial report. The Chairlady also presented the certificates to parent volunteer representatives. The program was followed by the election of PTA Executive Committee. Ms CHAN Lai-ming, Mr LIU Ho-chuen, Ms CHEUNG Miu-shan and Ms SunYou-fang were elected uncontested. In the election of SMC Parent Member, Ms CHEUNG Cheuk-kwan was elected uncontested.
S1 October Training Camp2019-10-09 To 10Our school arranged a two-day and one-night camp for all S1 students with the aim of enhancing students’ self-management and goal-setting ability as well as fostering their positive values and team spirit. During the camp, S1 students were divided into eight groups and played teamwork games and missions in the camp site under the guidance of the instructors from Scout Association of Hong Kong -- The Friends of Scouting and supervision of the accompanying class teachers. These activities helped students discover their potential, strength and develop their self-management and goal-setting ability, etc. Moreover, these activities also enhanced class cohesion, nurtured a better sense of belonging to the class to create a caring class culture and spirit as well as deepened their relationships. On the whole, they enjoyed the activities and cherished the time spent together with their peers.
Teachers’ Day 20192019-10-04 (Friday)The annual Teachers’ Day, organized by the Students’ Association was held on 4 October 2019. Message cards were given to students to write thank-you notes and to express their gratitude for teachers. Specially designed notes were presented as a gift to show students’ appreciation and thankfulness to teachers. Students demonstrated their love and respect for the teachers through the Opening Address by the Chairperson of the Students’ Association. A House Representatives’ Game, Video Show, and Singing Performance were arranged to thank teachers for their passion and devotion. The assembly ended with Gift Giving to all Teachers.
HKSSF Inter-School Swimming Championships2019-10-03 To 04TWGSS Swimming Team produced some impressive performances at the HKSSF Inter-School Swimming Championships. It was two long days of competition at Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool vying against other schools. We produced some fine performances that also included many of the swimmers personal best performances. Our A Grade Boys, B Grade Girls and C Grade Girls finished third overall and our B Grade Boys and C Grade Boys finished second overall! For more information on results, please see the attachment.
Dress Casual Day 20192019-09-30 (Monday)The Dress Casual Day 2019 was organised and coordinated by the Students’ Association and Photography Club with the aim of encouraging students to raise funds for the Community Chest. A total of HK$22,270.10 was raised through donations, instant photo taking and group photo taking activities.
Youth Mission Prize-giving & Performance Presentation2019-09-27 (Friday)5C LAM Stephanie Tsz-wing attended and won the external competition of the WCOPA Final 2019(世界表演藝術錦標賽 2019) - Vocal self-accompany pop, Vocal self-accompany rock and Vocal self-accompany rap Silver Award, which was organized by the World Championships Performing Arts(世界表演藝術) on 17/07/2019; In addition, she also won the Hong Kong International Youth Pop Music Awards香港國際青少年流行音樂大賞 Pop Open (15-24 year-old.) Second Runner-up which was organized by the SL International Artists Training Academy SL 國際藝人練習生統訓學院 on 27/07/2019. Because of her talent and excellence in music, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association & City University of Hong Kong Rotaract Club selected her as one of the best youth mission performers. The prize-giving and Presentation was held on 27/09/2019.
49th Annual Swimming Gala2019-09-26 (Thursday)TWGSS 49th Swimming Gala was successfully held on the 26 September, 2019 at Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool. The gala was the first major event of the school year that brought all four houses together, pitting them against each other in a morning of friendly yet intense competition. We were honoured to have Mr. LI Kai-shing, Frankie, our president of TWGSS Alumni Association, as our Guest of Honour. The event was officially started after the declaration was made by our Assistant Principal, Mr. LEE Tak-fai, Loomis. There were about 189 entries. The competitors exhibited their sportsmanship and were supported by the constant cheering of their house members. We were also proud to announce that our students attained great achievements. Four new records were set by the outstanding performance of students. 2C FAN Ho-yee broke 3 records: Boys Grade C 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke and 100m Freestyle and 1C LAM Ting-hei broke 1 record: Boys Grade C 100m Breaststroke. The flow of events was smooth and flawless with great support by 16 parent volunteers as different official judges. At the latter part of the event, 4 alumni participated in the Alumni Relay. The event concluded with Plum House winning the Overall Championship and Camphor House maintained their strong enthusiasm throughout the day, leaving with the Best House Spirit Award in tow.
The 46th Students’ Association Inauguration cum Annual General Meeting2019-09-20 To 10-20The 46th Students’ Association Inauguration cum Annual General Meeting was held on 20-9-2019. “Niveus”, with KO Kam-fung as the Chairperson, MA Ho-yi, Celia as the Internal Vice-chairperson and TANG Lai-wa as the External Vice-chairperson will be leading the Association, to serve, communicate and support all the students in TWGSS this year.
The Students' Association Election 2019-20 Voting Day2019-09-17 (Tuesday)The Students' Association Election 2019-20 Voting Day was held on 17-09-2019. All students from S1 to S6 were eligible for casting their vote. “Ancora” received 139 votes while “Niveus” received 456 votes. The voting rate of this election was 96.31%. “Niveus” was elected as the Students' Association for 2019-20. They will be leading the Association, to serve, communicate and support all the students in TWGSS this coming year. This “One Student One Vote” election realized the dream of all democratic societies. Let’s pursue our dreams together with this newly elected team—“Niveus”!
SA Election Forum 20192019-09-13 (Friday)The 46th Students’ Association Election Forum was held on 13-09-2019. The Chair and Vice-chairpersons of the two cabinets, “Ancora” and “Niveus” presented their platforms to the whole school. Debates and Q&A sessions were fully utilized to demonstrate the strong determination of the cabinets to win the election and to serve the students and the whole school.
New Territories Outstanding Students Selection 2019 Prize Presentation Ceremony2019-09-07 (Saturday)Congratulations to 4B FONG Tsz-lun for being selected as one of the Top Ten New Territories Outstanding Students in the New Territories Outstanding Students Selection 2019 organized by the Federation of New Territories Youth!
Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi District Outstanding Students Selection 2019 Prize Presentation Ceremony2019-09-07 (Saturday)Congratulations to 3A LEE Pak-nin, 4B FONG Tsz-lun and 6B YIP Kin-ting, who won the Outstanding Students Award, and 6C LIN Yangyue, who won the Merit Award in the Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi District Outstanding Students Selection 2019 organized by Tsuen Wan Youth Association and the Youth Power of Kwai Tsing!
House AGM2019-09-03 (Tuesday)“Pine, Plum, Bamboo and Camphor don’t divide us.” All TWGSS students are allocated into one of the 4 Houses. The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for the introduction of new House Captains and briefing of coming activities. House masters and significant house members were commended and invited to share their experiences. House captains also used video, photographs and live performance to interact with the members. We are proud of the 4 Houses to which our pupils belong.
S1-S6 Level Assembly2019-09-03 To 04At the beginning of the Level Assembly, our School Principal, Ms Tang, shared with the students the current situation of the school development and expressed her expectations to students' new school year study and performance. The teacher i/c of the Learning & Teaching Committee explained to students the new school year teaching & learning arrangements and the promotion criteria, whereas the teams that related to the student development, e.g. Student Whole Person Development Committee, the Discipline Team, the Counselling Team also delivered important information to the students, hoping that all students could have a better start in both learning and growth.
School Assembly for Beginning of School Year 2019-20202019-09-02 (Monday)The School Assembly for the Beginning of the School Year 2019-2020 was held on 2 September 2019. The assembly started with the singing of the School Song. We happily shared the achievements and successes of the students and the school. Student awards were presented and numerous students were commended. We once again congratulate them on their achievements and thank them for bringing honour to the school. Badges were presented to Prefects, Peer Counsellors and House Captains in recognition of their contribution in the coming year. The assembly was finally ended with the Principal’s Speech.
Orientation Talk for S.1 Parents and Students2019-08-24 (Saturday)The Orientation Talk for S1 Parents and Students was held on 24 August 2019. We were honoured to have our Principal to give a brief introduction of our school. Next, the teachers in charge of the discipline team, counselling team and ECA team gave us more details about our school. Last but not least, S1 students and their parents had a short meeting with their class teachers in hopes of helping students to adapt to secondary school life soon.
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