Message from the Principal

Welcome to the website of Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School.

Established in 1961, TWGSS is approaching its 60th anniversary. Much as we value scholarship and intellectual development, we stress even more on values and attitudes, and laud integrity and modesty. We strive to nurture students as future leaders equipped to complement on-going self-fulfillment with a keen sense of social responsibility.

Our school offers quality all-round education to students. We believe that every student is unique and able to shine. We inspire in students a passion for life-long learning through experiences of success and the challenges as well as joy associated with learning. We support students to flourish and thrive academically, athletically, artistically, spiritually and socially. We cultivates in students perseverance, drive for excellence, gratitude, and a serving heart.

TWGSS has been blessed with dedicated professionalism of our staff members and unswerving support of parents and alumni, making tremendous contributions to the development of the school. With the whole-hearted commitment of us all together, I strongly believe that TWGSS would continue to bear fruits well into the future.

I look forward to welcoming you to the TWGSS family and taking your aspiring child on the enchanting journey of a holistic, enlightening and challenging education.

TANG Suk-ching


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