School History

11th September 1961 was a memorable day to our school. On that day, our school opened. The first campus site was in the newly established Hoi Pa Street Government Primary School, where sixty-eight boys and seventy-five girls were accommodated temporarily. In September 1963, however, due to the lack of classrooms available for S1-S3 levels, our school was separated into A.M. and P. M. session. 25th June 1964 was another meaningful day to our school because on that day, our old boys and girls moved to the new campus and thus the whole-day school arrangement resumed.

The opening ceremony of our school was held on 25th November 1964. His Excellency the Governor, Sir David Trench, was invited to be the Guest of Honour to mark the opening of our school.

A historical plaque of our grand opening ceremony could be found on the sidewall of our main lobby. On the Plaque, it is written “ THE SCHOOL OPENED BY THIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR SIR DAVID C.C. TRENCH K.C.M.G., M.C. ON 25TH NOVERMBER 1964.”

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