English Week (2023-2024)

2024-03-04 To 08
Category : School activities

The English Week 2023-2024 featured three key activities: TWGSS' Got Talent 2024, global English activities and game booths, and a Mini-concert.

Engaging English activities were organized for S1 to S5 students in collaboration with Inter Cultural Education (ICE). S1 students participated enthusiastically in the Bollywood Mass Dance, demonstrating their skills and immersing themselves in the vibrant culture. On 6 March, six captivating English game booths were set up, where S2-3 students enjoyed conversations with native speakers across five continents and broadened their perspectives. On 5 March, S4 students participated in immersive cultural activities. They experienced the rich musical traditions of the Philippines, explored German culture virtually, gained insights into Russian customs, and discovered Spanish flamenco dance. On 4 and 8 March, S5 students engaged in inspiring conversations with tutors from various countries, deepening their understanding of Rites of Passage.

A thrilling spelling bee competition took place on 4 March for S1-3 students, allowing them to showcase their spelling skills and expand their vocabulary.

TWGSS' Got Talent highlighted students' remarkable abilities, in particular creativity and collaboration. Each class created a short film centered around positive values, based on different proverbs. Outstanding achievements were recognized with awards in various categories. The short film created by the winning class, honored with the Best Picture Award, will be screened for the entire student body to enjoy and appreciate in the post-exam period.

The English Society orchestrated a delightful English Cafe that captivated students with engaging board games and Scrabble in the hall. Simultaneously, an enchanting book exhibition on children's and women's literature adorned the hall. Students actively participated in delightful conversations about books, while enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks provided during the event.

As the finale, a captivating Mini-concert took place during lunchtime on 8 March in the school hall. Talented students showcased their musical abilities by performing English songs solo and duo on stage, while another group of students performed alongside their teacher. The event attracted a substantial turnout of schoolmates and teachers, who came to show their support.

Overall, the English Week proved to be a highly successful platform for students to demonstrate their talents, participate in creative activities, and cultivate a collaborative spirit.
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